Encourage Someone Today – Maybe in a Live Chat!

Mi Princessa

Don’t those eyes just grab you. We miss you, sweet Princess~

I had an interesting experience today. I was trying to get online help from someone somewhere in the world who, by virtue of “Live Chat”, is visible only via typed words. For some reason, I decided to throw a bit of the real me into the conversation so said some funny things, thanked him for his time and generally treated him as I would someone I could actually see. His response broke my heart a bit. He thanked me profusely saying he’d had a horrible day up until that moment. I realized how often I was like the other customers – in a hurry, totally disconnected, treating the other “voice” as if coming from a robot rather than a real person. I could feel his emotion through his words and it touched me.

I made the effort to get his name so I could use it. He shared it was Cavan. I’d never heard that name before and have no idea where it originates. But I met Cavan yesterday and hopefully made him feel valued.

Even though I’m not seeing a lot of people these days or going as many places as I used to go, I can still try to make someone smile in the course of my day. I hope these “maskless smiles” below brighten YOUR day today. I loved painting each of them and invite you to consider letting me paint someone who lights up your life.

Which is your favorite? I fall in love with each pet I paint especially when I have to capture the look in their eyes~ I invite you to see these and more in my Furry and Feathered Friends Gallery.


Fur friends

Especially in these days of lockdown and social distancing, furry and feathered friends have been some of our only constant and ever-present companions. It has been a blessing to have had several opportunities to capture special memories of beloved pets with my paintbrushes.

Not every photograph a painting can make, so to speak. But you know when you find just the perfect shot -and you wish you could save it forever. Well, you can. And I would be honored to have the opportunity to try to bring that happy moment to life and continually bring a smile to your face as you see it on your wall.

I love watercolor! It fills my empty time and spaces and gives me a sense of mission and productivity. When the whole world seems to be shutting down and locking us out, it offers a sense of hope to have something positive to engage in. For me, it is with my paintbrushes.

What, I wonder brings mission and fulfillment to you? Journalling, calling and encouraging friends and family, reading? I’d love to know. And, should you have just the right photographic memory you have always wished you could bring to life, I hope you will message me and give me a chance to speak with you.

Find what brings you joy and be blessed to be a blessing.

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