My Cup Runneth Over

I learned something incredible about our pastor this morning and I think you might find it incredible too. He’s a gifted teacher and communicator and has a vision for sharing Christ that is extraordinary. For example, this morning our church opened a campus in an AZ prison! Thousands of inmates have been listening to our services online, and almost 750 have come to saving faith in Jesus, our redeemer. They are finding faith and hope where life seems hopeless.

But back to “incredible.” Chad Moore, the lead teaching pastor at Sun Valley Community Church with multiple campuses in the greater Phoenix area, has had an ongoing burden for the unreached in our communities. Today he is starting a YouTube ministry with the aim of sharing testimonies that will speak to those who don’t ever darken the door of a church. And it will be unlike any pastor’s video I’ve seen before. I invite you to watch, be moved, celebrate victory over darkness. Chad is fond of saying, “Jesus did not come into the world to shout at the darkness, but to proclaim the light.” So here, in dark places, we will see the light of Jesus explode.

I invite you to join me, as today is the grand opening of Cigar Pastor