I invite you to take a look – 20% off today only.

I am a watercolor painter and occasional blogger. I appreciate the encouragement of my family and friends. I am a LITTLE fish in a BIG ocean so it always surprises me to get feedback when my peeps pop in and take a look around my website. I hope you will do that especially as there is a one-day sale going on. FOR FUN. Let me know what you think. These are some of my Christmas paintings. I hope you enjoy taking a look around Prayers and Paintbrushes.com!

There is a lot going on in the lives of my friends and family. Some of it is very difficult and some very exciting – as life always is. So the message of my heart today is PRAYER. I pray first and then I paint. I pray for what is hard for you, for what overwhelms or concerns you, for the difficult decisions which require your attention, for the people you love who are ill or struggling — for YOU who are ill or struggling. LORD, we cannot safely do life apart from You without being desperately alone. I ask You to be VERY PRESENT to one who maybe hasn’t considered the TRUTH and reality of You, the Creator God of the Universe – our SAVIOR. I ask that You would comfort, encourage, provide wisdom, direction, great love, mercy and FORGIVENESS where it is needed today. Heal our lives, heal our brokenness and go before us in this world we don’t really recognize in these difficult days. You ARE still and always, unchanging, eternal. And we need You, dear Jesus. Asking for Your comfort and encouragement for each one reading these words, praying in the power of Jesus’ name. AMEN

Praying the truth and blessing of Christmas over you today.