Long ago, in a college far away and several galaxies back, I was a music major. I loved Home Ec (does anyone remember?), music, and art. I chose to be a music major because I knew it would be easiest for me to get that BA degree. I loved to sing and music was always woven into my soul. A vocal major in college, I hoped that someday I’d cut a record, sing on the radio, or somehow have a career in “the industry”! I never earned a cent from my voice. But I did finally step foot on the platform, grab a microphone and sing to an audience as a soloist in my church. At first singing a solo was daunting! I wouldn’t be able to sleep the night before. After a couple of those stressful opportunities, I prayed the Lord would take away my fear for good. Because I always felt He had created in me the passion to sing, I figured it was only fair that he handle that fear part. And He did. I learned to give my voice to Him every time before I stepped foot on stage, asking Him to use me, remove my ownership and make me His. My vocal ministry continues to this day singing with our choir in the Traditional church service.

About 6 years ago I began to paint. I hadn’t held a paintbrush in many years but once I started, I just couldn’t stop. About the same time my music ministry was significantly changing. My vocal solo opportunities had pretty much phased out as my range had diminished over time. In addition, music styles had changed, and worship teams and bands replaced ”special music” in church. Suddenly, music was taking a back seat to my painting. I was doing something very different finding great joy in the discovery process. I still marvel that at this stage of my life, I would begin something so entirely different! Prayers and Paintbrushes was born🎨

And then about 4 years ago, I felt that the ”prayers part” deserved some attention. I am a Believer. I trust and cling to Jesus as my only hope and truth; my Savior forever. He has walked me throught some horrific experiences – always with me, leading and guiding me when it seemed darkness was all around. He has been faithful. So my BLOG was born. My prayer has always been that I might share words of encouragement: offering some of the hope and peace the Lord has given me. I pray you would seek Him if you have not, that you would call on Him if you have forgotten, that you would cling to Him in these confusing and difficult times.

My theme has several variations. But my song is about my Savior.

The Weavers Needle

This is my newest painting as it might be viewed framed. I hope you enjoy another view of the Arizona desert.