READY, SET, VOTE!!! (No, not THAT!)

I have been entered in an art contest with Fine Art America!

Life is short, do something crazy, enter a painting contest?!? Well, why not! I hope you will take a minute and vote for your favorite of the three paintings chosen! Here is a link to the contest. Please CLICK ->

The above is Cactus Flower
The above for Puppy Lovebug

The above is Off the Road to Hana

and these are the paintings that were entered. Please vote above and, of course, you can vote for someone else if you choose. In fact, you can vote 100 times, I believe. But only once for any of my paintings.

Let me know what you think. Was it hard, easy, fun, surprising, WAY too much trouble, or “why not bless someone today!”

Thank you for your time!

2 thoughts on “READY, SET, VOTE!!! (No, not THAT!)

  1. Have no idea why I can’t set up an account so I can vote. I’m not an artist – any suggestions. Would love to help but the site is not all the friendly.

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    1. Sue, you are so sweet! Normally, sign up is on UR of the page. . . I didn’t think signing up was required~ XOX


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