Blessed to be a Blessing

I invite you to share this with “your littles”

Adventures of Stubby the Cat

What a joy it was to paint the illustrations and sketch the coloring pages for my friend, Robin Johnson’s wonderful stories and podcasts. This was one of my first paintings for her Stubby the Cat stories of a very real cat. I invite you to visit her website and blog. Here you will hear her charming and engaging voice as she shares her stories to entertain little ones and help them understand emotions and learn life lessons.


This is one of the coloring pages I had fun doing for her readers/listeners.

See more illustrations for your coloring 🎨 pleasure at her website!

Life can be so full of surprises. Some are not pleasant. But the opportunity to create and help bring a couple of friend’s vision to life has been such a joy – and so unexpected! I never would have dreamed I would be painting, writing, drawing at this point in my life! I do love and find great joy with it. And one of the best parts of this adventure is sometimes being able to bless someone.

My dear friend Mary C, a refugee from Hungary many many years ago, recently lost her beloved husband. Living alone far from her family, the realization was made that she needed to move from her home state to live near her children and grands. It has been a hard journey, but beautiful. My dear friend Mary has been such a vocal support of me and my paintings. Her spelling is phonetic as she didn’t go to school in the US. Sometimes it’s hard to understand her words, but her meaning is always clear. She posted some pix along with her FB comments encouraging me to paint a favorite view of her new home in Tennessee. So I painted it as a card, as a gift to thank her and make her smile – as she has made me smile.

Jesus gave us the most important way we can reflect His character: “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35. Love someone who is lonely or hurting. Bless someone today doing what only you can do: a phone call, a visit, encouraging words, cookies, a card, a hug – 🎨 and You will be blessed even if a recent “life surprise” may have been difficult for you.

Please let me know how I might encourage you.