The Best Laid Plans. . .

After over a year not being able to travel (right?!), my husband and I had booked a 7 day vacation and were really looking forward to getting time in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. It was also the week of our 8th wedding anniversary. We were counting down the days but at the very last minute, he learned he was going to be needed in L.A. for a week for an important work project – the exact same week as our scheduled vacation.

I couldn’t believe it – what are the odds! At first I thought well, surely he’ll remind them of his scheduled vacation. He’s been so faithful and worked so hard and deserves this time off. Right? But I stopped and thought about it. I realized that no, he needed to go and do this thing that he had worked on for so long: that maybe God had other plans for this week. I could tell it meant a lot to him and he was grateful I agreed he needed to go, although he hated to miss our time away too.

Why do I share this? Because at first glance it was such a huge disappointment. It required a 2nd and 3rd hard look and some serious talking with the Lord, to realize that maybe He had a different plan for each of us for this period of time. And, yes He did! I had a great time as my beloved sister in law came up for 4 nights and then a longtime friend came afterward for 3 nights. It was a precious experience for all of us. It was SEDONA after all! And every evening my husband and I had lots of stories to share with one another over the phone. Absence does made the heart grow fonder, after all.

Beautiful Sedona, Arizona. The views in every direction are jaw dropping! One of the very fun things that happened was finding and taking a photo of a spot in Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village that I had seen in a magazine three years ago and painted. Below is the watercolor and the real thing, and some other Sedona paintings I had painted before.

We all had a beautiful time hiking and taking photographs in this beautiful area. I may paint some of the pix below. I would be grateful for any feedback as to which you think might make a painting you would like to see. That would be very interesting for me as I’ve not asked for “advance feedback” before!

View at beautiful Sky Ranch Lodge
What a wonderful week we all had: even my husband slaving away in L.A! I’m grateful I listened to the nudges of the Spirit and ventured off on my own (with friends~) where I had conversations and experiences my husband and I probably would not have had. God knew what He was doing and the blessing for me was in listening and stepping out in faith.

”Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5, 6

TRUST HIM when life throws you a curve! He loves and cares for you and it is not His plan to punish you. He wants to bless you.

4 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans. . .

  1. We never will know the blessings the LORD has for us until we stop to think about His love for us. So happy yo were able to enjoy the time in Sedona, even if it wasn’t with Joel.


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