Psalm 139 – You Are There

Have you read this wonderful Psalm of David? I first became acquainted with it through one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard. This piece of music struck me somewhere deep in my soul where powerful, impacting music lodges and changes everything. It was a song composed by the very talented, Dan Burgess, called “You Are There.” It became a bit of a theme song for me way back in the early ‘80s and my heart would about come out of my chest every time I sang it. I haven’t heard it in a very long time. But I thought of this song tonight when Psalm 139 was referenced in a message I was listening to. I wondered if I might be able to find the song on YouTube, and to my surprise I did! I have searched for it before. And yes, it is just as wonderful as I remember although with slightly different lyrics. I hope you will take a few minutes to listen to this powerful rendition of David’s incredible love story to God written so beautifully by Dan, sung by Cynthia Clawson, and played by Brian Mann on piano.

PSALM 139 paints such stunning word pictures of a loving Heavenly Father who has known us from even before our birth watching as we were knit together in our mother’s womb.

No matter where we go, where we come from, how high we fly or how deep we may fall, we cannot escape from God’s presence. From the desert to the mountains, from the forest to the oceans…wherever we go He is there. This psalm (song) was set to music as David himself was the original composer.

I hope you will read or listen to the Psalm and find encouragement for wherever you find yourself today Because you can never be lost to His Spirit or get away from His love.

Right after listening to and humming along with this song tonight, I happened across a post on Facebook where I was stunned to learn that Dan Burgess passed away last month on March 11, 2021! Somehow I feel this was God’s way of allowing me the unique privilege of acknowledging the talent and gifts of this wonderful composer and to share how much this song meant in my life. I hope that somehow his family will realize he left behind a significant legacy. He was also the composer of (In Jesus’ Name) “We Press On” another very beautiful song, among many others.

We all have a life to live and for good or for bad, we will have an impact. Dan Burgess had an impact on me that I just felt compelled to share! It’s been almost 40 years since I’ve sung his song. But each time I knew the beauty of the message and the soaring power of the music. There is a place in my soul that this song resides and I trust that I am not alone in my feelings. I am grateful I could acknowledge a gifted composer who touched my life. He painted with a musical paintbrush creating beauty for the ears that reached to the very soul.

Well done, good and faithful servant.🎶