Encourage Someone Today – Maybe in a Live Chat!

Mi Princessa

Don’t those eyes just grab you. We miss you, sweet Princess~

I had an interesting experience today. I was trying to get online help from someone somewhere in the world who, by virtue of “Live Chat”, is visible only via typed words. For some reason, I decided to throw a bit of the real me into the conversation so said some funny things, thanked him for his time and generally treated him as I would someone I could actually see. His response broke my heart a bit. He thanked me profusely saying he’d had a horrible day up until that moment. I realized how often I was like the other customers – in a hurry, totally disconnected, treating the other “voice” as if coming from a robot rather than a real person. I could feel his emotion through his words and it touched me.

I made the effort to get his name so I could use it. He shared it was Cavan. I’d never heard that name before and have no idea where it originates. But I met Cavan yesterday and hopefully made him feel valued.

Even though I’m not seeing a lot of people these days or going as many places as I used to go, I can still try to make someone smile in the course of my day. I hope these “maskless smiles” below brighten YOUR day today. I loved painting each of them and invite you to consider letting me paint someone who lights up your life.

Which is your favorite? I fall in love with each pet I paint especially when I have to capture the look in their eyes~ I invite you to see these and more in my Furry and Feathered Friends Gallery.