Shining the Light

Sometimes we are lucky to read something that changes everything for us! These words were that for me and were written by renowned Bible teacher, Beth Moore. If you would value a new perspective today, I share these with you. I felt these were powerful words of HOPE for today, for this week, this month, for this life! 

“We do not grasp the power of prayer because we have made it all about getting answers rather than having the unspeakable privilege of access by the torn veil of Christ’s own flesh to the Lord God Omnipotent who reigns without equal, without hindrance over every atom of existence. If you’re in Christ, you have all-access to approach the One who actually IS in charge. 

Who actually cannot lie. 

Who actually cannot mislead. 

Who actually has all knowledge. 

Who actually commands all time.

Who actually knows your name.

Who actually knows your need.

Make haste. No one – not the tenderest child nor the feeblest adult – is powerless who prays in the name of Jesus.”

Lord, these are such inside/out upside down days. We always face an uncertain future, but these days we find ourselves in circa 2020 are challenging for everyone everywhere! Thank You for loving us so much and granting us access to Your very presence. You know my need and the desires of my heart even before the thoughts are formed. Today we sit with You at Your feet, Lord. Quiet before You, listening for Your nudging, desperately seeking Your peace and entrusting all that weighs heavy on our hearts and minds to the ONLY One who can ever do anything about it. Praying in the unimaginable power of Your Name.

“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, whose thoughts are fixed on you”. Isaiah 26:3