Praying for Healing

 We have been in a season extolling our right and duty to vote, and I did, of course. But today I vote that we all make a serious effort to PRAY for our nation in the days and weeks ahead. As I sit on my couch with a very swollen left leg, I feel so unable to contribute to life. I’m not comfortable and my energy level is low. I’m not doing as many of my normal activities since I fell. I am grateful that I can see progress and am thankful it is nothing that won’t ultimately heal. But I’ve been wounded.

I feel that way about our NATION. It seems our nation has fallen from its stand as a light on the hill, as many continue with subversive plans to create mayhem and rob us of who our founding fathers wanted us to be. We seem to be alienated from one another and we don’t recognize the face of our nation any more. So Lord, I pray for our nation, the United States of America, as we move forward. Elections are won and lost. Leaders come and go. You are eternal. And you are the Light of the World. Regardless of what lies ahead of us, I pray we would trust You. As someone shared this week: we are not people of the elephant, we are not people of the donkey – we are people of the Lamb. So help us to trust in You, to pray for the healing and restoration of our nation and to reflect Your love and Your wise counsel and great love in our very broken world. And, because I love my homeland, I pray for the healing of the United States of America, in Jesus’ name.✨