A New Day

Welcome to my blog! I’ve been writing words of encouragement on FB through my Prayers and Paintbrushes page for several years and I’ve loved doing this! But FB land has changed as the “cancel culture” has silenced some while proclaiming others. Less and less of my posts were seen unless I would “boost them” for a fee. I felt as if my outreach was being stifled. And it was apparent many are walking away from Facebook to a great extent because our social lives have been so greatly impacted by the fear of contagion so we aren’t getting together these days, thus feel we have nothing to share! And many are also leaving social media platforms in protest over the manipulation these companies have exerted.

SO~ I read this charming novel by Barbara O’Neal, called, “The All You Can Dream Buffet.” The title doesn’t do it justice! It’s about a group of 5 diverse women who each write a blog and, as a result, formed a deep friendship. And I was hooked! I loved the story. It was charming, a real chick escape tale and it planted an idea in me. A Blog? Me? I don’t have a clue about blogs… but I decided to take the plunge.

So I invite you to my blog as Prayers and Paintbrushes! My hope is to continue to encourage you, to spread watercolor and art rather than political memes, to refocus on a brighter perspective bringing the reality of our Savior, Jesus of Nazareth, into the chaos and clamor of our daily lives. I hope you will join me – I will be blessed to hopefully be a blessing. I hope you will comment – I will reply! I hope you will share – I will be grateful. And I pray we can find connection and joy in this crazy year of 2020 and moving forward.